forgotten tracer of cellulite

All human tissues contain silica, and the highest concentration found in the connective tissue. Siliceous tissue includes nails, hair, lymph nodes and lungs. And umbilical cord fetal tissue also contains large quantities by silica plays an important role in cell replication.

With age falls kiselindholdet of the bodies, and this leads to changes in tissue structure, particularly in the connective tissue. Formed wrinkles, skin loses its glow and elasticity disappears. Gloss Loose hair and brittle fingernails are other signs of kiselmangel. The aging process can be considered as a form of '' drying out 'of cell proteins. The pressure inside the cells decreases as the surface shrinks and become slack. By taking silica to activate the metabolism and inhibit the aging process.

Also, younger people can have weak connective tissue as a result of kiselmangel. Cellulitis occurs especially often after loads of connective tissue such. gestation. A dietary supplement in time along with targeted gymnastics can prevent with good effect.

Silicic acid slows skin aging
A Finnish study conducted by Helsinki Research Centre shows that regular consumption of silica improves the complexion clear. After only three months could see a clear reduction in wrinkle thickness and increased tension in the tissue. Ultrasound measurements could demonstrate that skin thickness by all subjects was significantly increased. Moreover, was observed an improvement in the structure of hair and fingernails. The 50 female participants took daily three tablespoons of silica gel for meals. In addition, the gel-lubricated face twice a day.

Rock crystal as r y substance
Silicon is next to the oxygen is the most common chemical substance on earth. Approximately 40% of the earth's surface consists of siliceous compounds. In addition salts forming silica also complex compounds as silicate, where quartz is one of the best known. Thus consists of white sand primarily of quartz crystals, which during the Ice Age has been finely ground.

Today is extracted silica rock crystal from very deep quarry.

Kisel keep you beautiful. Silica provides a clear improvement in skin texture and tension in the connective tissue.

It is not only the connective tissue, but also the elasticity of the skin, hair and fingernails elasticity which is dependent on a good supply of silica.

While the connective tissue in children still contains much silica, get later in a shortage situation. Over the real connective tissue has cellulitis no chance

1 teaspoon kiselpulver flour mixed with a tasty collagen powder and ingested daily produces results.